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Ocean Log

A picture holds a 1000 memories

, 3rd world countries, adventure, angelina jolie, big houses, billionaires, bisexuality, black and white, blue sky’s, boobies, born free, bowling, british films, camping in the woods, carboots, celebrations, chillin', clear ocean waters, closeness, comedy, cosy nights in, designing, dvds, ebay, embarrassing moments, emotions, er, eye contact, f.r.i.e.n.d.s., fair trade, family, females, fish, fishing, fluffy clouds, foreign people, fruit, fruitarians, fun, funny pictures, funny random things, gadgets, girls, going out for meals, gta, guys, halloween, hand cream, handcuffs, happiness, hockey, hot countries, human rights, icicles, interesting people, interesting places, juggling, kindness, kissing my girl, koi carp, ladies, lakes, laughing, lesbians, life, lightening, long distance phone calls, long hikes, love, love of my life, magic, making money, making most of everything, maps, millionaires, mischa barton, movies, mtv, music, musicals, my friends, my girlfriend, neon lights, obsession with money, oceans, old granny puzzles, open fires, passion, peace, people you need, photographs, photography, piano, pirates of the caribbean, pixar animations, pizza, planes, pride, ps2, remote controlled toys, rocknroll, romance, roses, sex, sex and the city, sexual toys, shooting stars, shopping, smack the pony, smashing glass sounds, smashing ice sounds, snow, snowboarding, soundtracks, special moments, special pizza times, special someone, spiderman, sports of any kind, stars, storms, strawberries, summer, sunrises, sunsets, sushi, tattoo, tennis, tgifridays, the carribean, the l word, the sims, the world/universe, theater, thyroid disorders, tits, tony hawk, travel, traveling, true love, vegetarians, waterfalls, waves, whips, will&grace, winter, women, world peace, worldwide travel, ♀♀